Autumn in Majestic Hudson Fjord, also known as
American Rhine, plus Beautiful Seven Lakes Drive
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Spectacular autumn foliage on the Seven Lakes Drive in picturesque Harriman State Park in eastern New York
State just a few miles north of the border between New Jersey and New York State. We toured this park on
Saturday October 19, 2013. There were many visitors in this state park on October 19 enjoying the beautiful
autumn foliage. There is one parking lot near each of the seven beautiful lakes along the 20-mile Seven Lakes
Drive. All these seven parking lots were full and many more visitors had to park their cars on the roadside.
Everybody drove slowly while enjoying the fantastic autumn foliage in the park. Nobody was in a hurry. It was a
very delightful atmosphere of Autumn Festival in Harriman State Park on that Saturday.

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Harriman State Park and Seven Lake Drive

We spent three days (October 17, 18 and 19, 2013) driving north from New Jersey along the western shore of
the majestic Hudson River, Lake George and Lake Champlain up to Ausable Chasm in eastern New York State
to enjoy the brilliant autumn colors at their peak stage along the way.

We drove north on Palisades Interstate Parkway along western shore of Hudson River to Bear Mountain State
Park, followed by Highway 9W along western shore of Hudson River up to Walkway Over The Hudson at
Poughkeepsie. On the return trip, we toured the fantastic autumn foliage in Harriman State Park.

Part 1 covers Harriman State Park, Bear Mountain, and western shore of Hudson River up to Walkway Over
The Hudson at Poughkeepsie.

Brilliant colors on Arden Valley Road near Upper Lake Cohasset in Harriman State Park.
湖邊燦爛豔麗的紅葉, 令人如痴如醉。

Every autumn, nature puts on a brilliant show of colors in northeast USA. From bright yellows to vibrant reds,
the leaves erupt to showing their rich and vibrant hues. Every year, people flock to these areas to take in the
fall foliage, to catch a glimpse of nature’s splendor.

Forest lights up with color, the leaves burst into romantic flames of reds, oranges, yellows, gold and blended
combinations. It is a magical time of the year with fantastic experience in eastern New York State. It is nature
and landscape photographer's dream that prompted me to drive along the mighty Hudson River, Lake
George, and Lake Champlain to enjoy the spectacular spectrum of autumn colors play out on nature's
grandest stages.

Stunning show of color and season’s splendor along the Seven Lakes Drive.
濃濃秋意,落葉繽紛的步道,鋪綴著一層層柔軟厚實的金黃葉織毯,漫步林間, 享受色

More from the Seven Lakes Drive in Harriman State Park.
A hawk soaring over the Seven Lakes Drive in Harriman State Park. In autumn season, most hawks have
migrated south to warmer climate in central or south America. This one is still here and looks in bad shape.


We drove on the scenic Perkins Memorial Drive in Bear Mountain State Park to climb up to the top of Bear
Mountain and the associated Scenic Drive near the top to enjoy the breathtaking panorama of the beautiful
fjord on the mighty Hudson River in the Hudson Highlands area.

To get on Perkins Memorial Drive, set the GPS Navigator destination at the junction of Seven Lakes Drive
and Perkins Memorial Drive, Bear Mountain (or Tomkins Cove), NY 10911 (or 10986). Then drive up the
Perkins Memorial Drive from that junction.

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of junction of Seven Lakes Drive and Perkins
Memorial Drive.

Map: click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Bear Mountain State Park
Watching train (Metro-North Railroad Hudson Line) going along the east shore of the Hudson River. This is
one of the best routes for train sightseeing travel along beautiful Hudson River in New York.

In autumn season, this train line offers fantastic vistas of autumn foliage of the Catskill Mountains, West Point
United States Military Academy, Storm King Mountain, Bear Mountain, majestic Bear Mountain Bridge and
spectacular 550-foot-high Palisades along the Hudson River. En route you pass Bannerman Castle, a partially
destroyed armory with a distinctly Gothic appearance; stately mansions; and lighthouses. Many people said
that the views from this train line in autumn are fantastic, especially in the morning.
Beautiful Bear Mountain Bridge over the Hudson River at Hudson Fjord between Anthony's Nose, a
900-foot-tall peak on the east side of the Hudson, and Bear Mountain on the west bank. This bridge also
carries the Appalachian Trail across the Hudson. This beautiful area of Hudson River between mountains on
both sides (Hudson Highlands) is considered as Hudson River "fjord".
It is very romantic to enjoy all these fantastic views and to soak in the sun on the top of Bear Mountain with
your sweetheart.

Scenic grandeur of autumn colors on the 532 feet of Palisades Cliff over the Hudson River as viewed from the
State-Line Lookout which is one of the three scenic lookouts along Palisades Interstate Parkway.

Lining much of the Hudson's western shore from Haverstraw Bay south to New York City are the magnificent
high vertical cliffs of the Palisades.

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Palisades Interstate Park Commission: State
Line Lookout
Three vultures on trees at the State-Line Lookout of Palisades Interstate Parkway. A group of bird watchers
were here in the autumn season watching and counting the autumn migration of raptors such as hawks,
vultures, eagles, falcons, etc. These migrating raptors get a free ride on the strong updraft along the ridge
and the high cliff next to the Hudson River. When the wind from east shore blows over the Hudson River, the
Palisades high cliff forces the air flow upward resulting in a strong updraft to give the free ride for these
migrating raptors. So, this is an equivalent of "Palisades Interstate Flyway" for these migrating raptors to fly
south more easily without spending much energy to flap their wings.
A picture of me (Sing Lin) along the Seven Lakes Drive in Harriman State Park.

This photo is taken by May Lee.
秋葉鮮紅得如此驕艷,如此風情, 煞是撩人。

The whole landscape comes aflame.
Driving through these glowing forests under the brilliantly colorful canopy in these three days is a fantastic
experience to remember.
A vista of the autumn glories.
Gold, scarlet, and auburn leaves make a mosaic of rich colors heralding seasonal change.
秋天是金色的,那金黃色的樹葉千姿百態, 美麗極了!

Wonderful experience of crisp fall weather and glorious golden foliage.
The 1.28 mile Walkway Over the Hudson at Poughkeepsie. It is 212 feet above the water and is one of the
longest elevated pedestrian bridges in the world for visitors high above the mighty Hudson River to enjoy  the
magnificent views of Hudson Valley.

In 2009, after years of abandonment, the fire-damaged Poughkeepsie-Highland Railroad Bridge was restored
and reopened as the Walkway Over The Hudson, a State Historic Park.
Many visitors were hiking on this Walkway Over the Hudson, some were jogging while some others were

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Walkway Over The Hudson

Map: Click here for Greater Walkway Region Map
不盡大江滾滾來, 夕陽西下的河景蕩漾著泛紅色的美。

Mighty Hudson River as viewed from Walkway Over The Hudson.

For the July 4th celebration, many visitors come on this Walkway to watch spectacular firework over the
Hudson River after sundown.

Mid-Hudson Bridge in parallel with Walkway Over The Hudson and is about 3,000 feet south of the Walkway
Over The Hudson. It is the bridge for Highway 44 and 55 to cross the Hudson River at Poughkeepsie.

Visitors may also enjoy 2-hour cruise on the beautiful and mighty Hudson River by Empire Cruise Lines at 29
N. Water St., Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 as shown on its web site at:

秋高氣爽, 觀紅葉、賞美景,賞心樂事就在眼前, 山脈和山谷燃起一片火紅,那微妙的

Colorful autumn foliage on the western shore of Hudson River as viewed north from Walkway Over the
大江之秋, 沿途層林盡染漫山紅遍秋日風光。

Colorful autumn foliage on the western shore of Hudson River as viewed south from the Walkway Over the
A picture of the side view of the Walkway Over The Hudson.

When the Poughkeepsie-Highland Railroad Bridge opened in 1889, it was the longest bridge in North America
and the first bridge to span the Hudson River. It became a key transportation hub linking western raw materials
to eastern industrial centers until the fire in 1974 closed it. At its peak as many as 3,500 rail cars crossed the
bridge each day. This bridge remained as the only fixed Hudson River crossing between Albany and New York
City until the construction of the Bear Mountain (road) Bridge in 1924.

At 1.28 miles, Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park is the world’s longest pedestrian bridge.

GPS Address for Highland Entrance (on west side) is 87 Haviland Road, Highland, NY 12528

GPS Address for Poughkeepsie Entrance (on east side) is 61 Parker Avenue, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

The forest near the Walkway Over The Hudson is awash in autumn color.

The Hudson River north of the Bear Mountain Bridge as viewed from the top of Bear Mountain.

After driving up the Perkins Memorial Drive and reaching the parking lot at the top with the Perkins Memorial
Observatory/Tower, there is an extension of Perkins Memorial Drive (or Scenic Drive) beyond the parking lot
for more fantastic views. Do not miss this extended portion in your tour of Perkins Memorial Drive.

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing extended portion of Perkins Memorial Drive beyond
Perkins Memorial Observatory for more fantastic views
In addition to driving tour along majestic Hudson River, two more options for visitors to enjoy beautiful
autumn foliage along Hudson River are Hudson River Fall Foliage Day Cruise by Seastreak Ferry or Metro
North Commuter Train Line (Hudson Line) along east shore of Hudson River as described in more details on
my web page at:


After touring the Walkway Over The Hudson, we drove north to tour the west shore of Lake George and of  
Lake Champlain on October 18, 2013 as described on my web page at:

Our autumn tour of the Finger Lake Region of New York State is on my two web pages at:

秋葉泛黃,氣度醇美,色彩富麗, 金黃的艷色。
The 40-foot Perkins Memory Observatory/Tower at the top of Bear Mountain on the sunny day with blue sky
and a 360 degree view of the Hudson Valley from 1300 feet up. The tower provides a view of four states and
the skyline of Manhattan, 40 miles to the south. The sunset view from the top of Bear Mountain is also very

Breathtaking view to enjoy!

In the middle of this picture is Iona Island Bird Sanctuary which encompasses marshlands and a low, rocky
promontory on the western side of the river. This bird sanctuary is accessible to the public only by a causeway
connecting it to U.S. Route 9W in Bear Mountain State Park, near Doodletown. This curvy causeway and a
straight railroad track are visible in the aerial view of Iona Bird Sanctuary in the following picture:

Click here for Aerial View of Iona Island Bird Sanctuary

Bird Sanctuary and Bald Eagles (美洲的白頭鵰) along Hudson River:

Waterfowl are a major attraction in this 6,000-year-old tidal marsh. This site is a popular bird watching locality,
in that bald eagles nest along the shore of the preserve. Overall, there are at least 24 eagle nests along the
Hudson River.

The following information on winter eagle watch along Hudson River comes from the following website:

Click here for detailed information on winter eagle watch along Hudson River

The highlight of a winter visit is seeing bald eagles roosting in treetops, perched on the ice or soaring overhead,
attracted by the open water and plentiful fish. Eagle’s diet is predominantly fish; therefore, as lakes and rivers
freeze up in northern region, many bald eagles come to hunt and fish along the open waters of the Hudson. The
Hudson River is an estuary, and the movement of the tides and salty water from ocean, as well as commercial
traffic, prevents it from completely freezing over. Warm water released from power plants, as well as inlets from
tributaries, also keep the water open. Eagles are often spotted perched upon the ice floes, from which they
catch fish in the water or settle down to eat their catch. Bird watchers have observed up to 11 eagles on one ice
floe, fighting over one fish.

Bald Eagles maintain fidelity to location, which accounts for the return of pairs, mated for life, to the same nest  
as well as the return of winter migrants year after year. This characteristic makes it somewhat easier for
naturalists on both sides of the Hudson to undertake their yearly counts of the eagle population. Migratory birds
will retire each night at shared roosting sites in trees that provide shelter from the wind and perhaps the added
warmth of a southern exposure. Roosts of up to 100 eagles have been observed in Bear Mountain; similar
numbers have been observed on the Westchester side as well. There is the annual Hudson River Eaglefest, held
by the Teatown Lake Reservation in Westchester, taking place in February at the Croton Point Park. The tour
bus in Eaglefest takes visitors to several more winter eagle viewing sites in addition to Croton Point Park on the
Hudson River. More information on Hudson River Eaglefest are available at:


For those who wish to observe the eagles on their own, there are many excellent vantage points in Rockland
County to do so. The Stateline Lookout (just south of the border), Piermont Pier, Nyack Beach and Iona Island
Sanctuary are good places to start, although Iona is closed to the public during nesting season. The Rockland
Audubon Society website contains a list of recommended viewing sites.

Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Croton Point Park

Another excellent location for watching many bald eagles in action in the winter season is on the Susquehanna
River near Highway 1 just below the Conowingo Dam in northern Maryland, USA  as shown on my web page at:

Some more views from the gorgeous Seven Lake Drive.

居。在海德公園(Hyde Park),范德比爾特(Vanderbilt)家族的別墅獨具新古典主義
多位世界要人。哈德遜河谷中到處可見一座座豪宅:槐林居(Locust Grove)、博斯考

鼎鼎有名的西點軍校為美國培養出 3700 名將軍和兩位總統。

Spectacular view north across Newburgh Bay on Hudson River from the Lookout at the highest point on the
supremely scenic Storm King Highway (i.e., Route 218) along Hudson River between West Point United States
Military Academy and Cornwall on Hudson in New York State. Newburgh-Beacon Bridge is visible at a
distance. From the heights, you can admire the grand gorge of the Hudson as it courses through the Highlands
between the Ramapo and Taconic Mountains. The views in every direction from this Lookout are vast,
amazing, awesome. Every moment, every view seemed to be presenting new picture possibilities as the light
kept changing.  

Storm King Mountain marks the northern entrance of Hudson River to the Hudson Highlands, where forested
mountains slope steeply into very deep water. Hudson River is deepest in the Highlands area- up to 175 feet
deep at West Point. The scenery here is reminiscent of Norway's beautiful fjords. The Hudson Valley's stunning
scenery has inspired artists, including the famous Hudson River School of artistic painters, for centuries.

Magnificent Estates of the Hudson Valley:

Since Henry Hudson sailed the Half Moon up the Hudson River in 1609, great men and women have been
drawn to the Hudson Valley's bounty and natural beauty. Very influential, affluent, wealthy families, dignitaries,
statesmen, businessmen and politicians, built fabulous estates, Gothic castle, mansions, Dutch style stone
manor, Italian style villa, Persian style palace, etc. with stunning natural beauty up and down the river banks
along Hudson River, each adding their own unique contributions to the area's collective history. As members of
the American aristocracy, these modern settlers were able to hire the best and romantic architects, landscape
artists, and decorators to build their palaces with exquisite landscaping and gardening, superior collections of
artwork, sculptures, magnificent greenhouse, aviary, paintings, lavish furnishings, historical archives, china and
silver, textiles and other treasures. The elaborate and romantic gardens and orchard have trails wind through
the estate, creating enchanting views at every turn. The gentle slope allows for stunning views from cleared
areas of not only the river and the higher glacial ridges on the west side but also the Catskill Mountains in the
distance. These estates along the river afford majestic and stunning views of the Hudson River and Catskill
Mountains, and recreate a history of the Hudson Valley.

There is a rich history wrapped around the men and women who settled along the Hudson River. Statesmen
and politicians called the Valley home, including former president Franklin D. Roosevelt, Rockefeller family,
Livingston family, whose members included war heroes, political figures, and one of the five authors of the
Declaration of Independence who also swore in George Washington as the first president of the United States,
Vanderbilt millionaires, Samuel F.B. Morse, the inventor of Morse Code for Telegraph, etc.

Several organizations, including National Park Service, oversee these estates of the Hudson Valley, providing
the attention to detail and dedication to preservation that allows these wonderful estates to flourish in modern
times. It is our great fortune that many of these estates have been meticulously restored and lovingly
maintained to recreate each home's historical and cultural significance, as well as personal character. Huge
number of visitors come to tour these fantastic estates every year.

The natural beauty and the magnificent estates of the Hudson Valley earned the Hudson River the nickname
"American Rhine" being compared to that of the famous 40 mile stretch of the Rhine River Valley of Germany.
The Hudson River Valley is a place of lush natural beauty, scenic inspiration, and a depository of iconic
American history and was designated as one of the American Heritage Rivers in 1997. More detailed
description of these magnificent estates along Hudson River is available at the following website:

The narrow, curvy Storm King Highway (i.e., Route 218) hangs aloft, midway up the side of the cliff wall of
Storm King Mountain as shown on these three pictures. It climbs along the cliff on west bank of the Hudson
River around the Storm King Mountain.
Fantastic View south from Lookout on Storm King Highway on October 19, 2014. It rained in last two days
such that the water color on Hudson River looks muddy.
The Lookout at the highest point of Storm King Highway is a rock-walled turnout with very small parking space
for only three cars for very limited number of visitors to enjoy Hudson’s unobstructed scenic splendor.  If you
can't get in there to park, you can drive about another mile into Cornwall on Hudson or into West Point and turn
around to try again a little later. It really is worth the wait because the views are fantastic, especially in autumn

Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Storm King Highway along Hudson River
View of the highest point Lookout of Storm King Highway from a lower section of the Storm King Highway:
Storm King Mountain on left (west) side and Breakneck Ridge on the other (east) side of Hudson River Fjord.  
The narrow, tortuous two-lane road was blasted out of solid granite cliff wall of Storm King Mountain. Many
workers had to be suspended down to the intended roadway by ropes. After years of dangerous work, this
very special and scenic highway opened in 1922.
Autumn foliage near Hessian Lake in Bear Mountain State Park on October 19, 2008.
How I use information age technologies to enhance my enjoyment greatly of sightseeing large driving tour loop
of thousands of miles and of one to two weeks in duration covering many Points of Interest is described on my
web page at: