Autumn Foliage and Birding in New England
新英格蘭 秋葉 與賞鳥 的遊記
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秋高氣爽,水庫景致視野、遼闊清新,散步湖邊, 四周五色濱紛,與碧藍的秋水共相輝
映,令人感到格外舒暢自在, 讓人享盡湖賓秋色!

Autumn foliage around Quabbin Reservoir in central Massachusetts as viewed from Enfield Lookout on
October 8, 2012. Quabbin Reservoir is located at 485 Ware Road (Rte. 9), Belchertown, Massachusetts
01007. It is the primary water supply for Boston, some 65 miles (105 km) to the east, as well as 40 other
communities in Greater Boston.

We drove our own car from New Jersey to Boston, Massachusetts to attend the wedding of a friend's
daughter on Sunday, October 7, 2012. We also took this opportunity to drive our car to enjoy the beautiful
autumn foliage and bird watching in New England including Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont from
October 5 to 11, 2012.

We also drove west and toured the beautiful Finger Lake Region in upstater New York on October 12 and 13.
The photos and stories on Finger Lake Region will be presented in a separate web page later.

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Quabbin Reservoir
心曠神怡, 無比愜意。

Beautiful view of 40-steps Beach and rocky shore near the junction of Nahant Rd and Forty Steps Ln, in
Nahant, MA 01908 north of Boston. If you want a place to sit and enjoy the ocean breeze, this is the nice spot.
On October 8, 2012, we drove along beautiful coastal areas of Massachusetts north of Boston to enjoy the
amazing rocky shore with several half-moon shaped sandy beaches, bays, and coves and to enjoy bird
watching. It was a heavily cloudy day when we were touring the northern coastal areas of Massachusetts.

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Nahant Peninsula

Autumn foliage at Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) located at 680 Hudson Road in Sudbury, MA,
three miles west of the Sudbury Town Center.

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge

We saw mallards, hooded mergansers and other birds in Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge.
輕舒兩翼,自由飛翔覓食的禿鷹, 神采飄逸, 御風而行,很自在愜意的樣子。

Two views of one of the turkey vultures in flight on the beach in Parker River National Wildlife Refuge
located at 6 Plum Island Turnpike, in Plum Island in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

Beautiful view of picturesque north shore of Massachusetts. The experience of walking or relaxing on an ocean
beach, watching seabirds, listening to the sound of the waves and taking in the salt air is well worth the trip.
海灣上遊船很多,輕輕地蕩漾,微風吹拂下很是愜意, 充分享受海邊的逍遙風情。

Zoom in on the Boston Skyline from a bay on Nahant, MA with many boats and yachts in the bay.

Two beautiful views of autumn foliage in New Hampshire. We toured the southern parts of New Hampshire and
Vermont on October 9, 10 and 11. On the afternoon of October 9 when we drove north from Massachusetts
into New Hampshire, the lady in the Tourist Information Center told us that the autumn foliage in central and
northern New Hampshire had past their peak stage already.

We, therefore, toured only the southern parts of New Hampshire and Vermont. We drove from northeast
coastal area of Massachusetts into southeast of New Hampshire. Then we drove west along scenic drives
from southern New Hampshire into southern Vermont ending at Bennington at southwest corner of Vermont.
Then from Bennington, we drove on Highway 7 to go south into Massachusetts and went through the Berkshire
Mountains in western Massachusetts.
矯健的猛鷹,淩空飛起, 有時高飛,有時低掠,蘆葦叢上空 翱翔翻飛 捕獵。

One of several hawks in flight hunting in Parker River National Wildlife Refuge in Plum Island in Newburyport,
壯麗峭壁峽谷,谷深 165峡谷中的水流湍急,朝下奔流,它們激起飛濺的浪花,氣勢宏偉,
峽谷之間跨越一座大橋,憑欄居高臨下俯瞰深谷絕景, 可以聽到山溪的流水聲,滿目黃葉映峽

Breathtaking and wild view of the mile-long Quechee Gorge located at 5800 Woodstock Road
(Highway 4), Hartford, Vermont 05047, near the junction of Hwy 4 (Woodstock Rd) and Deways Mill
Rd. It is Vermont’s deepest gorge, formed by glacial activity approximately 13,000 years ago. From the
bridge of Vermont Highway 4, it is jaw-dropping 165 feet to the Ottauquechee River below. The views
from the bridge are impressive and awe inspiring.

However, it was a raining day on October 10 and several rain drops on the lens of my camera caused
several smudges on this picture. The raining day limited our opportunity to enjoy the autumn foliage
and the quality of the foliage pictures taken.

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Quechee Gorge and Quechee State

Another view of the autumn foliage in Vermont on the raining day of October 10.

Two views of the granite quarry in Halibut Point State Park located at the junction of Garfield Ave. and
Gott Ave., Rockport, MA 01966, at the northern tip of Cape Ann in northern shore of Massachusetts.
We arrived here after sunset time. It was very quiet and the water surface of the granite quarry was so
smooth that it was almost like a mirror.

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Halibut Point State Park including the

Halibut Point is a uniquely beautiful coastal seascape in northern tip of Cape Ann in Massachusetts. Looking
seaward on a clear day, the view stretches from Crane Beach in Ipswich to Mount Agamenticus in Maine and
the Isles of Shoals off the coast of New Hampshire.

However, we arrived at Halibut Point way after sunset time and this was our "night view" of the coastal areas
of New Hampshire and Maine.
一路走走停停, 欣賞色彩斑斕的秋景, 在彩色樹葉的海洋裡徜徉。

More views of autumn foliage in New Hampshire.

One of several great egrets in flight in Parker River NWR.
One of several hawks that we saw in Parker River NWR.
From the beach of Parker River NWR, we saw several gannets flying above the Atlantic ocean and diving
down into the ocean to catch fish. They were more than a mile out on the ocean. I had to use the 35X optical
zoom of my compact super-zoom camera to zoom in to get such picture of gannets in action. The long
distance and the heavy overcast limited the quality of such pictures.
秋高氣爽,豔陽高照, 五彩斑斕的景色,相互爭輝, 美不勝收, 沿途盡賞大原的鄉間風

Autumn foliage along Highway 7 through the Berkshire Mountains in western Massachusetts on October 11
which was a sunny day.
One of many seabirds in the busy Gloucester Harbor in north shore of Massachusetts.
A view of Gloucester Harbor along north shore of Massachusetts.
Many cormorants on the rocky shore of Nahant, Massachusetts.
Some mallards in flight along north shore of Massachusetts

Autumn foliage in New Hampshire.

Autumn foliage along Highway 7 through the Berkshire Mountains in western Massachusetts on October 11
which was a sunny day.
Many seagulls on the beach and many other sea birds floating on the ocean in Parker River NWR in Plum
Island in northeast Massachusetts.

More views of beautiful rocky north shore of Massachusetts.

Nice view of the tall, slender twin lighthouses on 50-acre Thacher Island at the head of Cape Ann, in
Rockport,  Massachusetts. Because the lights at Thacher Island were the first to be seen by many travelers
coming from Europe into Massachusetts Bay, it was considered a very important station by the government. It
is  designated a National Historic Landmark. All of the lighthouses built to that point by the colonial
governments were built to mark the entrances to ports. The twin lighthouses built on Thacher Island in 1771
were the first built to mark a dangerous spot rather than a harbor entrance. They were also the last
lighthouses built under British rule in the colonies. The twin lights also gained the nickname of "Ann's Eyes."

In 1810, the south tower became the scene of an important test of new lighting apparatus designed by
Winslow Lewis of Boston -- a system of multiple Argand oil lamps and parabolic reflectors. Henry Dearborn,
the local lighthouse superintendent, observed the twin lights from a distance and pronounced the new light to
be like "a brilliant star" in comparison to the old light one in the north tower. In 1812, Lewis was contracted to
outfit all American lighthouses with his apparatus.

Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Twin Lighthouses on Thacher Island

One of several half-moon shaped sandy beaches in addition to many beautiful rocky bays and coves in north
shore of Massachusetts.
Zoom in to see many seabirds on several off-shore bird rocks along north shore of Massachusetts.
金黃色的林蔭道, 深秋,樹葉枯黃了,紛紛揚揚地落在地上,像鋪上了一層黃地毯,饒富
趣味,秋天的音符: 那紛紛墜落秋葉好似一曲跳動的音符,遍地都是秋葉,踩在上面沙沙
地響, 享受一下浪漫秋天的黃昏。

On October 5, we enjoyed hiking, autumn foliage and bird watching on this trail in Amherst,
Massachusetts. It is a section of Norwottock Rail Trail which is an 11 mile path linking Northampton,
Hadley, and Amherst along the former Boston & Main Railroad right-of-way.
湖邊多姿多彩的絢麗秋色和完美的倒影, 漫步林間,享受色彩繽紛的秋天的美景,這種

A pond with reflection of autumn foliage along the hiking trail in Amherst, Massachusetts. We saw
many birds  and a baby snake while hiking on this trail.
正值金秋時節,秋陽高照,那微妙的顏色之差異可見到重重相疊的色彩,層次分明, 情

Autumn foliage along Highway 7 through the Berkshire Mountains in western Massachusetts on October 11
which was a sunny day.

In this one-week autumn foliage trip in New England and Finger Lake Region in New York State, we did not
have to make hotel reservations at all. The use of Information Age Technologies, including GPS navigator,
smartphone, tablet, smarter car, cloud storage with auto sync, enables us to enjoy the one-week driving tour
with very flexible trip itinerary and lots of freedom without the rigid constraints of hotel reservations. We just
drive following GPS navigator according to our relaxed and leisure pace to enjoy the fantastic autumn foliage.
Details on how we use the Information Age Technologies in enjoying the flexibility and freedom in such one-
week driving tour are described on my web page at:


We then drove west along Interstate Highway 90 to enjoy a wealth of natural beauty in the Finger Lake Region
in upstate New York. The photos and stories from Finger Lake Region are in the following web page:

幽深秀麗的湖畔秋色, 濃墨重彩,如詩如畫,那份浪漫與寧静,最富詩情畫意, 使人恍
粗獷美麗, 構成極為豐富的視覺飧宴, 岩岸邊的礁石是磯釣者的天堂。
媚,如詩,如畫, 恬靜與浪漫情懷, 真是個世外桃源, 也是洗滌、沈澱心靈的好地方。