Almond Blossom Festival in
California Central Valley
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The pink flower trees
are blooming
beautifully in the last
week of February
2020 on the street of
Fremont, San
Francisco Bay Area,
Zoom in for closer view of the blooming pink flowers on the street in Fremont, California.

Such blooming beautiful flowers on the street remind us that the huge number of several kinds of fruit trees on
many orchards in the vast California Central Valley (from the south of Bakersfield to the north of Red Bluff) are
starting to bloom in the last week of February.
The towns of Esparto, Capay, Brooks, Guinda and Rumsey in Capay Valley along California Highway 16 are
jointly having 2020 Almond Blossom Festival on Sunday February 23, 2020. Almond is the first among several
kinds of fruit trees in California Central Valley to bloom in the last week of February.

So, from San Francisco Bay area, we drove north about one and half hours on Sunday, February 23, 2020 to
come to Capay Valley area to enjoy watching huge number of almond blossom blooming as shown on this
website. This is an almond orchard along a horseshoe shaped road off the Highway 128 with the road name of
The Horseshoe, in the town of Winters near Interstate Highway 505. It is about 32 miles west of Sacramento.
Zoom in for a close up view of beautiful almond blossom in .
It was a nice sunny day with blue sky on Sunday February 23, 2020. The almond blossom look very lovely with
the blue sky as the background.
However, next to the almond orchard is another orchard with different fruit trees which were not blooming yet
on February 23, 2020. Usually the blooming period of these fruit trees is from about last week of February to
about mid March. So, in one or two more weeks, there will be more flowers with different colors.
After visiting the almond orchards in Winters along Highway 128, we drove north about 10 miles to the town of
Esparto along Highway 16 to see more orchards. Along the way, we saw more almond orchards.
More orchards with different fruit trees and no flowers yet on February 23.
There are also some white boxes near these orchards. These white boxes are beehives. The orchard owners
pay their partner-beekeepers to place these beehives at suitable locations.  

As the almond trees blossom, honey bees forage for pollen and nectar in the orchard. When the bees move
from tree to tree, flower to flower, they pollinate almond blossoms along the way. Each fertilized flower will
grow into an almond.

After almond blossom fades away, beekeepers bring their honey bees to different locations across the United
States, pollinating over 90 other crops and making honey.
Zoom in for a close up view of beautiful almond blossom in light pink and white colors.
When we drove on Highway 16 West into the town of Esparto, Wow! There was heavy traffic jam with lots of
cars, motorcycles, and people enjoying the Almond Blossom Festival including food, arts and crafts, music,
dancing and more.

More information on the Almond Festival is available at:


It was impossible for us to find a parking spot. So, we stayed in our car and just drove slowly following the
slow traffic to go through the town.
More than 450,000 acres in the lush San Joaquin and Sacramento valleys are under almond cultivation,
stretching 400 miles between Bakersfield and Red Bluff. California produces 82% of the globe's almonds,
harvesting about 800,000 acres of the tree nut across a 400-mile stretch from northern Tehama County to
southern Kern County.
However, after we drove out of Esparto, the traffic on Highway 16 was still very heavy and very slow going
west probably because the other four towns (Capay, Brooks, Guinda and Rumsey) on the 21-mile stretch of
Highway 16 were also having similar Almond Blossom Festival on the same Sunday of February 23, 2020 that
attract big crowds.

We believed that we had seen enough of beautiful almond blossom already for the day, so, we turned around
at this point and drove south to go home even though there are more almond orchards along Highway 16 and
along several county roads branching out from Highway 16 as shown in the following map of Almond Blossom

The blooming of these fruit tree blossom will continue for at least three weeks from last week of February to
about mid-March. So, visitors can avoid such big crowds and traffic jam by choosing any other date except this
particular day of Blossom Festival. In the 400-mile stretch of California Central Valley, there are many
orchards that visitors can go to see huge number of beautiful flowers during such spring blossom season.

Last year (2019) we went to Fresno to enjoy such huge sea of beautiful flowers with several different colors in
March without running into such big crowd on the 62-mile loop of the Fresno County Blossom Trail as shown
on my web page at:

Map of Capay Valley Almond Blossom Trail.
Map Source: https://
More almond orchards seen while we were driving back to go home.
Driving through Esparto on the Almond Blossom Festival on February 23, 2020 satisfied my curiosity on what
is Almond Blossom Festival and what kind of activities are going on during such festival.
Nice view of large field of green in many farms in California Central Valley.
Lots of lemons when we were approaching the town of Esparto.
An impressive tree along the way.
Large solar panel on the parking lot of a large office building seen while we were driving. It seems that in last
couple years, similar large solar panels are showing up on the large parking lots of large office complex, or
medical center, or county courthouse, or college, etc. Due to the advances in technology, the costs of solar
panel and of large battery bank for energy storage have been decreasing steadily making solar power more
attractive economically.