Early Autumn in Adirondack Park in
Upstate New York
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Foaming bubble pool under each waterfall

Then, we drove northeast on Route 86 for 3 or 4 miles to reach Wilmington and turned left (west) into
Whiteface Mountain Veterans Memorial Highway (i.e., Highway 431) for the 8-mile drive on the paved road to
go up 2,300 feet to reach the summit of Whiteface Mountain at 4,867 feet of elevation. There are nine pullout
parking areas along this highway for visitors to enjoy the gorgeous autumn views. Among many high peaks in
Adirondack, this is the special peak accessible by car. This is a toll road. Visitors stop at the toll house, pay the
toll to gain access to this road.
The Summit Parking Area and the Whiteface Castle at elevation of 4,610 feet near the summit of Whiteface
One of the 4 spectacular and powerful cascading waterfalls in High Falls Gorge on Ausable River at 4761
State Highway 86 (i.e., Wilmington Road), Wilmington in Adirondack Park. It is about 7 miles northeast of Lake
Placid and 5 miles southwest of Wilmington. Route 86 is also known as the Olympic Trail Scenic Byway.
Just about one mile down stream (northeast) along Ausable River, there is another impressive and powerful
waterfalls known as Wilmington Notch Falls. The Trailhead to access Wilmington Notch Falls is on the west
side of Wilmington Notch Campground located at 4953 Route 86, Wilmington, NY 12997 on the Ausable River
canyon. It is about 8 miles northeast of Lake Placid. The Trailhead is next to the small toilet building (Man's
Room and Woman's Room) of the campground. However, this is a challenging trail through a pine forest with
about 45-degree steep slope to go from the campground down about 150 feet to reach the edge of a high cliff
to view the waterfalls.

Map: Click here to see a map of Wilmington Notch Campground and the Trailhead for waterfalls
Summit of Whiteface Mountain as viewed from pullout parking areas along the highway.

Two views of the Whiteface Mountain Veterans Memorial Highway in the drifting fog and cloud.
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Colorful Foliage in early autumn in Adirondack Park in upstate New York on October 3, 2011.
High Falls George is a privately owned commercial property featuring well maintained bridges, 0.5 mile round
trip boardwalk trails and stairway for visitors to explore the wonderland of rushing water, steep cascades,
and high cliffs.  The man in the middle of this picture is standing on a thick glass floor above the waterfalls.
Ausable River and beautiful early autumn foliage along the river banks and the base of Whiteface mountain
slopes just above the High Falls Gorge.

I also took a movie clip of a man chopping firewood very skillfully at High Falls Gorge as shown in the
following YouTube website:

Lake Placid with its three islands and many mountain peaks as viewed from the Whiteface Mountain. Some
clouds are below us while some other clouds are above us while we were driving up this road. We were in the
High Peaks Region of the Adirondack Park.

The Adirondack Park is huge and covers 6 million acres in northeast New York State. It is 3 times the area of
Yellowstone National Park and is greater than the combined area of Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite
National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, Glacier National Park, and Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
On October 2, 2011, we drove north for 5 hours from New Jersey into Adirondack Park in northeast New York
State, USA to enjoy the early autumn foliage in a 4-day trip. Some leaves had changed into beautiful autumn
colors, but many other areas in Adirondack Park were still green. It probably would take a few more days to
reach the peak autumn colors in Adirondack Park.
There are 4 waterfalls cascading 100 feet down over 700 feet stretch of Ausable River in this High Falls
Gorge. This photo shows 3 of the 4 cascading waterfalls, steel bridge and sturdy boardwalk with steel
guardrail and steel fence supported on the cliff of the gorge for visitors to enjoy breathtaking views of the
spectacular waterfalls.
Visitors enter through a gift shop area and pay a fee to gain access to the High Falls George. The contact
information for High Falls George are: 4761 State Highway 86, Wilmington, NY 12997 (On Highway 86
between villages of Wilmington and Lake Placid), Phone: (518) 946-2278.

Map: Click here to see interactive Google Map showing location of High Falls George
Olympic Trail Scenic Byway (Route 86, Wilmington Road), Ausable River and autumn foliage on the river banks
and the base of Whiteface Mountain along spectacular Wilmington Notch between Wilmington and Lake Placid.
Driving northeast on the Olympic Trail Scenic Byway, Route 86, for less than a mile from Wilmington Notch
Falls, we reached the Whiteface Mountain Ski Area located at 5021 Route 86, Wilmington, New York, Phone:
(518) 946-2223. This is the home of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics. The Olympic downhill ski
competitions took place on the ski slopes on this Whiteface Mountain. Visitors can take the Cloudsplitter
Gondola to the summit of Little Whiteface Mountain for breathtaking 360-degree panoramic views of the
Adirondack mountains, valleys and lakes.

Zoom in for a closer view of the Whiteface Mountain Ski Area. The summit of the mountain was in the cloud.
山野被翩翩紅葉點染得一派奼紫嫣紅, 萬山紅遍,深遠背景是連綿的

More views from the Whiteface Mountain. Autumn makes its mark on these mountains, and in lovely ways.
There is a restaurant and a gift shop in the Whiteface Castle which is 276 feet below the summit. From here,
there is 0.2-mile Stairway Ridge Trail and steps for hardy souls to climb up to the summit along the rocky edge
of a glacial cirque with outstanding views.
There is an alternative easier way to reach the summit by going through a tunnel and taking an elevator deep
inside the mountain to go up 276 feet. This is the entrance  at the Summit Parking Area to the 426-foot tunnel.
This is the 426-foot tunnel to reach the elevator deep inside the mountain.
On the summit of Whiteface Mountain is the upper terminal of the elevator located inside the round, stone,
multi-windowed Summit-House. Beside it stands a single silo, housing the equipment of the state's  Atmospheric
Science Research Center.

The summit at elevation of 4,867 feet is barren of trees. Several telescopes are on the summit.
However, the summit was in heavy cloud when we were up there such that we could not enjoy the
breathtaking 360-degree panoramic views. On a clear day, visitors can see Montreal in Canada and the
Champlain Valley from this summit. We had to come down a few hundred feet below the cloud to enjoy
more views.
The sign along Route 86 at the entrance of the Whiteface Mountain Ski Area. Many people come here in the
winter ski season to enjoy downhill ski on the Whiteface Mountain slopes.
The Cloudsplitter Gondola going up the Whiteface Mountain.

Autumn reflection on Stony Creek Pond along Coreys Road off Highway 3 in Adirondack Park.
We also visited the Olympic Ski Jump Complex located at 52 Ski Jump Lane, Lake Placid, NY 12946, Phone:
(518) 523-2202. The ski jump towers are 26-story high and are on the top of a hill.

Soaring Saturdays in Summer and Flaming Leaves Festival in Autumn: The country's best ski jumpers are
spending their summer training and competing in Lake Placid Ski Jump on Saturdays starting at 1 PM in July
and August. It is a good opportunity for visitors to watch these athletes streak straight down the steep inrun and
fly for the length of a football field.

Flaming Leaves Festival in autumn (such as October 8 and 9, 2011) North America's top ski jumpers
compete, soaring through the air while on the ground below live Blues bands play and barbecue chefs grill up
ribs and burgers.

Sample video clips of such high flying training runs on Lake Placid Ski Jump in the summer and autumn can be
seen at the following YouTube websites:


There is an elevator inside the ski jump tower for visitors to go up to the top to enjoy fantastic views.
At lower level of the Ski Jump Complex, there is a freestyle hill, a set of facilities and a pool for the US Olympic
Team aerial acrobatics to practice and to fine tune their freestyle skills. It is an year-round training and
competition site.
One of the trainees is half way down the slope in the training practice.
After sliding down at high speed and springing off steep kickers (launchers), the aerialist trainees do all kinds of
free style acrobatic flips, twists, turns and tumbles in the air, then drop down into the pool below with a splash.
It was fun to watch their fancy training and practice, VERY entertaining!
Then, we rode the chair lift up the mountain to the base level of the high Skip Jump tower, and it really started
to sink in - exactly how far these ski jumpers have to descend before landing. It really is breathtaking just to
imagine the experience. Then we took the elevator to go up 26 stories to the top of the Ski Jump Tower.
The elevator has glass windows so that we can look down onto the colorful and beautiful autumn foliage below
while the elevator is going up.
同, 絕佳風景盡收眼底,  Fantastic views from the top of the ski
jump tower.

From the top looking down the high and steep ramp of the ski jump is nerve wrecking and gives you a new
appreciation of the courage these athletes have.
Some visitors were having fun in enjoying the glory of standing on the Olympic Medal Podium receiving the
Olympic Medals!

Mirror lake with reflection in the town of Lake Placid as viewed from Parkside Drive near the Visitor Center in
southern end (between Main Street and Mirror Lake Drive) of Mirror Lake.

Another view of the Mirror Lake in the town of Lake Placid as viewed from a small boat dock behind Visitor
Center on Parkside Drive near southern end of Mirror Lake.
This tour boat just left the marina for a 45-minute cruise on Lake Placid.
The Lake Placid Marina near the junction of Harbor Ln and Mirror Lake Drive in Lake Placid.
涓涓絲瀑,觀賞水石之美,密林深處聽那清泉小瀑布, 悅耳的詩篇,
川流不息, 潺潺清泉濯我心, 別有一番靈秀之美, 最富詩情畫意,

Beautiful waterfalls on Bouquet River right next to the Highway 73, just 1 mile north of Junction of
Highway 73 and Highway 9. The Bouquet  River is the steepest river in New York State, being just
about 45 miles long, and it drops 3,000 feet. Therefore, there are many beautiful waterfalls along
Bouquet River.
Lake Tear of the Clouds near Mount Marcy in Adirondack Park is the source of the mighty and beautiful
Hudson River.

Location and maps of Adirondack Park: Adirondack Park is in northeastern New York State near the boarder
of the province of Quebec, Canada on north side and  the State of Vermont on the east side. Several versions
of the map of Adirondack Park are available at the following web pages:

Map: Click here to see a simple map for location of Adirondack Park

Map: Click here to see a Regional Map of Adirondack Park

Map: Click here to see several versions of maps for Adirondack Park
Take Adirondack Northway (I-87) Exit 30 for Rte 9 and Rte. 73 Keene, Keene Valley.  After Exit Ramp turn
left into Rte 9 North for about 2 miles, connect into Rte. 73 and go northwest for about 20 miles to Lake

A FALL FOLIAGE GUIDE for Adirondack Park is available at the following web page:


The Fall Foliage Report for Adirondack Park is available at the following web page:

I took a movie clip of such training practice in action as shown in the following YouTube website:


The phone numbers of Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA) for Lake Placid Ski Jump Complex
are 800-462-6236 and 518-523-1420. Visitors in planning their trip may call these phone number to check the
practice schedule of these high flying athletes and freestyle aerial acrobatics.
I took two movie clips of the waterfalls in action in High Falls Gorge as shown at the following two YouTube



In the second movie clip, notice that the observation platform on the lower left side has a thick glass floor such
that the visitor can look straight down through the glass floor to see the waterfalls in action under his/her feet.

Ausable River is one of New York State's most famous trout stream. It begins on the side of Mt. Marcy, the
highest mountain in New York State. After flowing northeast out of Adirondack Park, Ausable River flows
through the famous and spectacular Ausable Chasm which is a deep, tortuous gorge with beautifully textured,
sheer sandstone walls sculpted by Ausable River near Keeseville, NY on its way into Lake Champlain. In
places these magnificent walls—between 100 and 200 feet high—stand as close together as 20 feet. On
bright autumn days flaming foliage ignites the chasm’s clifftops as well as patches along its walls, making for
an especially breathtaking spectacle. It then flows into Lake Champlain which flows north into St. Lawrence
Seaway into the Atlantic Ocean.

62 pictures and visitors' reviews of spectacular Ausable Chasm  can be seen at the following website:


Click on the small thumbnail pictures on this web page to open up 62 large screen fantastic pictures.

Crystal clear stream and big rocks in pristine Bouquet River which is also known for landlocked Atlantic Salmon
that migrate from Lake Champlain up Bouquet River to spawn in autumn season. A fish ladder in Willsboro, NY
affords migrating acrobatic salmon the chance to overleap Willsboro Dam en route to their fall spawning
grounds 12 miles up stream on Bouquet River— and enables visitors to witness this ageless, often repeated
struggle as shown on my web page at:

讀萬卷書    行萬里路

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