A Tour of San Antonio in Texas
with Romantic River Walk
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段,河邊餐廳人氣很旺, 很多河邊享受品嚐美食的遊客,氛圍特別好,品味人間景如畫,小河畔透出濃濃的和
浪漫的拉丁情調, 到此旅遊是心靈的充電。

The River Walk (also known as Paseo del Rio) in the heart of San Antonio in Texas is magical and very
romantic at night with nice music played in the background and lots of things to do.  Wow, this is a fun place!!!

We drove our rental car from Houston to San Antonio on January 23, 2019 and toured San Antonio for 3 days.
觀光泛舟河上夜景,浪漫詩意的拱橋,讓人賞心悅目的風光,宛如來到神秘的世外桃源! 運河兩岸則是觀光旅
館、餐廳及藝品店。不時您也會從兩岸聽到墨西哥音樂飄揚,餘音裊裊,夜遊運河將讓您有不同之體會, 在河
邊古色古香的步道,可以欣賞河景,並且還有餐廳與商店, 可以一邊品嚐美食一邊觀賞河上風光,小橋流水人
家, 經典畫面,吾心沈醉此景中。

So many great restaurants, café, shops, bars, hotels and many tourists are deep in the heart of River Walk.
You can shop, dine, lounge in a café, people watch or simply stroll along and let the strumming mariachi music
soothe your spirit. Some tourists are enjoying the beautiful and romantic River Cruise Boat for sightseeing.
挺好吃,看著來去穿梭的遊船和各色彩燈,很悠閒愜意,這個令全世界為之傾倒的詩意之地 !

Many tourists are enjoying sitting at outdoor dining tables on the river edge, watching the dream boats
cruising by while enjoying the dinner.
聖安東尼奧夜遊,一葉扁舟,燈火琉璃,用悠閑的方式遊覽這個城市, 一種曲靜深幽的意境, 每次不經意的
按下相機快門,都是一次心靈的震撼, 更是一次意境的傳達。

The River Walk Cruise is beautiful.
在遊人如織的河邊散步, 河兩岸到處裝飾著彩燈,來來往往的人流,熱鬧非凡,不時還有遊船經過,穿行其
間,夜景太美了, 最佳旅遊勝地。

Many tourists enjoy the River Walk at night.
Many nice hotels are right on the River Walk making it easy for hotel guests to enjoy the fantastic River
Walk by just walking out of the hotel door at the lowest level of the high-rise hotel.
One of several shops and stores along River Walk.
One of the nicely decorated restaurants near River Walk.

The iconic umbrellas of Casa Rio Restaurant, the first restaurant to open on the River Walk.

Many waterfowl on the river.
築, 被譽為“美洲威尼斯”,彎曲的河流穿過城市中心區域。西班牙文化遺址隨處可見,西班牙特色的建築,墨
The 1,000 room high rise San Antonio Marriott RiverCenter Hotel on River Walk.

Many nice hotels are right on the River Walk at the heart of San Antonio, such as San Antonio Marriott
RiverCenter, Grand Hyatt San Antonio, Hyatt Regency San Antonio, Hilton Palacio de Rio, Omni La Mension
del Rio RiverWalk,  Valencia Riverwalk, Westin RiverWalk San Antonio, etc.
People dining outdoors at the Republic of Texas Restaurant on the San Antonio River Walk.

A tourist map of River Walk and San Antonio River is in blue color on this

This map is displayed at several locations along the River Walk with a marker of "You are here" on the map
and is very helpful to tourists.
The 35-minute sightseeing river cruise along the San Antonio River is quite popular for tourists.

Nice close up pictures of various restaurants, hotels, café, galleries,  shops, waterfalls, and bars along River
Walk can be seen

RiverCenter on River Walk. Rivercenter has a shopping mall with more than 100 retailer stores, six
restaurants, Macy’s, IMAX in AMC Theatres, and the 1,000 room Marriott Hotel.

Macy and AMC multiplex movie theater in the shopping mall at RiverCenter.

We watched the IMAX movie of "Alamo: The Price of Freedom" on the huge IMAX screen and the powerful  
IMAX sound system in this AMC theater in RiverCenter. ALAMO: THE PRICE OF FREEDOM is a stirring
tribute to the 189 Texans, Tejanos and settlers who defended the besieged Alamo for 13 days against the
Mexican Army of 6,000 soldiers of General Santa Anna. Although they were defeated and killed, the memory
of the battle rallied Texas troops to fight for independence, with the powerful battle cry for “Remember the

This powerful battle cry of "Remember the Alamo!" contributed greatly to the victory of Texan army in the next
battle on April 21, 1836 at San Jacinto, Texas where the smaller Texan Army, led by General Sam Houston,
defeated the much larger Mexican army led by Antonio López de Santa Anna, the General and the president
of Mexico. On the following day, Santa Anna was also captured by Texan Army. Lulled into overconfidence by
his initial easy victories, Santa Anna was taken by surprise at San Jacinto, and his larger army was annihilated
in only 18 minutes on April 21, 1836 bringing an end to Mexico's effort to subdue Texas. The captured Santa
Anna, fearing execution, willingly signed an order calling for all Mexican troops to withdraw from Texas.  
Therefore, the 189 brave men in The Alamo did not die in vain. Their sacrifices contributed greatly to Texan
victory in San Jacinto and to the success of the revolution for the Independence of Texas from the tyranny of
Mexican dictator president, Santa Anna.

So, it was a fantastic experience to tour The Alamo and to watch this powerful IMAX movie in RiverCenter in
San Antonio.
Hilton Palacio de Rio on River Walk located at 200 S Alamo St, San Antonio, TX 78205.

After we checked into Hilton Palacio de Rio, we asked the hotel host on how to get to the River Walk, the
hotel host said just go down to the lowest floor of the hotel, by elevator or by stairway, then a hotel door
opens right into the River Walk.

Staying in such nice hotels on the River Walk makes it much easier for tourists to enjoy the romantic River
Walk more thoroughly.

The red colored sculpture on the left side of this picture is the Torch of Friendship (友誼的火炬), a stunning
land mark located at 51 Losoya Street, in roundabout at Losoya, Commerce, Market, and Alamo streets, San
Antonio, TX 78205, near RiverCenter. It is a gift to the US from Mexico representing friendship. Much better
pictures of Touch of Friendship can be seen on
this website.

這是由189名勇士對抗 6000 墨西哥大軍,堅守13天最終全體壯烈犧牲的一場史詩級戰役, 阿拉莫要塞對

於打敗了墨西哥的大軍,以少勝多, 贏得了得克薩斯從墨西哥獨立的戰爭, 成立了獨立的德克薩斯共和


The Alamo Mission in San Antonio, commonly called The Alamo and originally known as the Misión San
Antonio de Valero, is an historic Spanish mission and fortress compound founded in the 18th century by
Roman Catholic missionaries in what is now San Antonio, Texas, United States.

The Alamo is located at 300 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, TX 78205 in the heart of San Antonio. It is only about
three blocks of short walking distance north from Hilton Palacio de Rio Hotel at River Walk. It is Texas' most
visited historic landmark.

The Alamo was the location of an important battle for 189 Texans, Tejanos and settlers who defended the
besieged Alamo for 13 days (Feb 23, 1836 – Mar 6, 1836) against the Mexican Army of General Santa Anna.
Although they (189 men) were defeated and killed by the Mexican army of 6,000 soldiers, the memory of the
battle rallied Texas troops to fight for independence from Mexico, and it created the battle cry for generations
of Americans, “Remember the Alamo!”
Visitors touring the Alamo.
美國之塔, 高約230米,乘坐電梯即可到
全城的絕佳位置。 塔上有三層,最底層

The 750-foot-tall Tower of the Americas
is located at 739 E César E. Chávez
Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78205. It is only
about 4 blocks short walking distance
southeast from Hilton Palacio de Rio
Hotel on River Walk.
從美國之塔 居高臨下 俯視 歷史悠久的美國古城,聖安東尼奧, 視野很好。

Tower of the Americas provides guest spectacular view of the heart of San Antonio with all those high rise
buildings of nice hotels on River Walk.
友誼的火炬 在這張照片的中間。

Zoom in on the heart of San Antonio with the red colored sculpture of Torch of Friendship in the middle of this
美國之塔, 每次到一個城市最喜歡站它最高處俯視全景,整個城市的風景盡收眼底 ,極目遠眺,遼闊的德州

Visitors enjoy the gorgeous panorama from the observation deck of Tower of the Americas.

A view of Tower of the Americas at night. The panoramic views from the top of Tower of the Americas at
night are spectacular as shown by many pictures on
this website.
The government of Mexico City gifted Alas de México (Wings of Mexico) by Mexican artist Jorge Marín in
honor of San Antonio's 300th birthday. The 11-feet tall, 17-feet wide public art installation was unveiled on
May 4, 2018 at the Hemisfair Park which is the home of Tower of the Americas.
The sculptural pair of bronze wings are set at an ideal height for visitor to stand between them and appear as if
the visitor might fly.

Stationed at the base of the Tower of the Americas, the truly interactive sculpture by Jorge Marín,  Mexican
sculptor and painter artist, is a gift from the Citizens of Mexico City to the Citizens of San Antonio. The
sculpture encourages people “to take flight towards their limitless dreams.”  We are all one mankind, and we all
live on one planet. Once you are in the air, once you are flying, borders are a thing of the past.

“As an artist, part of our job is to facilitate the coming together of a community,” Garcia said, and her thought
was echoed by many speakers during the dedication of this artistic sculpture on May 4, 2018.

Marín’s sculpture joins the 2002 La Antorcha de la Amistad (The Torch of Friendship), the vivid red-orange
landmark that sits at the heart of San Antonio, as gifts from Mexico.

A much better picture of Wings of Mexico can be seen
赫米斯費爾公園Hemisfair Park是聖安東尼奧的一個大公園,在這裡曾經舉行過一屆世博會。公園內的很多建
築都有墨西哥風格。高高的Tower of the Americas也是在這個公園裡,公園裡綠樹成蔭。

Beautiful cove of water fountains, waterfalls, cascading water, misting water and wading pools in Hemisfair
Park at the base of Tower of the Americas. Many wedding ceremonies and other ceremonies take place in
this beautiful park.
The tranquil sounds of water surround you in Hemisphere park at the base of the Tower of the Americas in
San Antonio Texas.
While walking on the street of San Antonio for sightseeing, we saw many small groups of electric scooters
with small electric motor for rent here and there on the street. There are several different companies/brand
names competing in this new scooter rental business, such as Bird Scooter, Razor Scooter, Lime Scooter,
Ninebot  Electric Kick Scooter, Electric Kick Scooter, Spin Scooter, etc. It is a new and rapidly growing  
personal mobility business.

For Bird Scooter rental, each of such locations of a cluster of electric scooters for rent is called a "Nest".
We also saw many young people using such rental electric scooter to tour the city very efficiently and
conveniently. For these young people, getting around town has never been easier by using such rental
electric scooter. They know how to use their smartphones to rent these compact light weight rental electric
scooters. They can start riding many electric scooters for $1 and then 15 cents a minute thereafter.

Please see the following YouTube movie on how these young people are using the inexpensive and very
convenient electric scooters at:

Some young people also use their smartphones to sign up with these electric scooter rental companies as
the electric chargers. Each evening, these chargers use their SUV vehicles to collect several scooters, bring
them home to charge up the batteries. Then deliver the charged up scooters to the nests on the street in the
early morning. Some young people love to do such charger work to make some money. They say that it is
better than being a Uber Driver or a Uber Eat Driver to deliver food as shown in the following YouTube


In the background center of this picture, both San Antonio Marriott RiverCenter Hotel and Hilton Palacio Del
Rio Hotels are at the River Walk.
One of many "nests" of rental electric scooters on the street here and there. The scooter rental APP on the
smartphone probably can show the locations of these "nests" on Google Map.

We enjoyed very much this 3-day tour of San Antonio.

Another interesting place that we did not cover in this trip is the lovely Historic Market Square in San Antonio
as shown by many colorful pictures
here and described here. It is located at: 514 W Commerce St San
Antonio, TX 78207. It is quite possibly the most colorful and dynamic marketplace with Mexican folk art and
culture in the entire country. The three-block pedestrian plaza and pedestrian promenade are located along
the western edge of downtown San Antonio and is lined with dozens of specialty shops, restaurants, and
Farmers Market Plaza. The market hosts numerous events and celebrations throughout the year. Every
weekend live music and cultural shows electrify the square with sight and sound. Tourists and locals alike
come out to celebrate one of San Antonio’s largest ethnic communities. It is considered the heart and soul of
the city.

So, this lovely Historic Market Square is on our bucket list for future trips.

This is part of our 2-week tour of Texas in January 2019. Other parts of this 2019 Texas Tour are

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Natural Bridge Cavern and Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch
The bronze statue of Anthony of Padua,
Saint Anthony, holding the Child Jesus,
located along the River Walk near the
Chamber of Commerce building in San
Antonio, Texas. It is Saint Anthony from
whom a Spanish mission in the area, and
the city of San Antonio, got their names.

This statue, by sculptor Leopoldo de
Almeida, was presented to the city by
the Portuguese government at the 1968

The inscription reads: “San Antonio - For
whom the city and the river are named –
Gift of Portugal.”
San Antonio: The City of Saint Anthony. How the City Got Its Name? How did it happen that the city of San
Antonio was named after Saint Anthony?

Over 300 years ago, in 1691, a small expedition of Spanish explorers traveling north from Mexico advanced
some 150 miles into present-day Texas. On June 13, they stopped to set up camp near a Coahuiltecan
(kwa-weel-teken) Indian village along the river. The Franciscan chaplain of the small expedition, Father
Damien Massanet, suggested that they call the place San Antonio because they had arrived on the feast of
Saint Anthony.

The Spanish general, Domingo de Teran, agreed with the brown-robed friar and then took the idea one step
further: He named the river San Antonio, too!
在河邊兩岸種植很多來自的南美的奇樹美花,巨大桔子樹和各種牛仔雕像, 岸上古老的西班牙式教堂,小而精

The San Antonio River Walk is a network of walkways along the banks of the San Antonio River, one story
beneath the downtown bustling street level of San Antonio. Lined by restaurants, hotels, café, galleries, shops,
and bars, the River Walk is an important part of the city's urban fabric and a tourist attraction in its own right.

Today, the River Walk is an enormously successful special-case pedestrian street, one level down from the
automobile street. The River Walk winds and loops under bridges as two parallel sidewalks connecting the
major tourist draws from the Alamo to Rivercenter mall, to the Arneson River Theatre close to La Villita, to
HemisFair Park, to the Tower Life Building, to the San Antonio Museum of Art, and the Pearl Brewery. During
the annual springtime Fiesta San Antonio, the River Parade features flowery floats that literally float.

Millions of people visit the River Walk each year to enjoy this unusual urban sanctuary that winds along the San
Antonio River in central San Antonio.

The lush landscapes, quaint pathways, tinkling waterfalls, quiet pools, outdoor art and relaxing outdoor patios
of River Walk evoke the renowned public spaces of Europe.
Many display panels at The Alamo for visitors to learn the details of the history and of the battle at the Alamo.
The iconic Emily Morgan San Antonio Hotel overlooking The Alamo. It is three blocks from the River Walk.

Built in 1924 by famous architect Ralph Cameron, The Emily Morgan Hotel was originally constructed to be the
Medical Arts Building on the Alamo Plaza. The thirteen-story tower is influenced by the Gothic revival and
features pieces of cast iron, unique ornamentation, and a copper roof with wood ribs. Perhaps the most
interesting architectural feature of the building is the array of gargoyles that line the building, each portraying a
medical ailment.

Since 1984, The Emily Morgan Hotel has proudly been providing upscale accommodations and services to
guests. Travelers come from near and far to explore the building and admire its beautiful architecture.

In 2010, The Emily Morgan Hotel received AIA San Antonio's Twenty-Five Year Distinguished Building Award
in Recognition of Outstanding Design and Achievement for the Medical Arts Building.

Recognized by the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Alamo Plaza Historic District

Waterfalls and lush foliage abound on the San Antonio River Walk. This one is near Rivercenter.
Misting water and wading pools in Hemisfair Park as viewed from the elevator window of Tower of the
河邊植滿棕梠樹、絲伯樹及許多奇花異卉,小道間徐徐獨步, 閑庭信步與悠然自在。
悠悠而行的遊船, 碧波蕩漾,獨特的韻味,如此的美景, 迷人的,美不勝收, 讓人心醉神迷。

Every year, thousands of lights are turned on to light the renowned San Antonio River Walk on the day after
Thanksgiving, which is November 23, 2018. On that day, the Ford Holiday River Parade is held on the River
Walk. It has 30 or more lavishly decorated floats including lights, costumed riders, and holiday music. Starting
November 24 and continuing until January 6, 2019, everyone can take a look at the River Walk's 100,000
holiday lights.

Ford Fiesta de las Luminarias, which takes place on the River Walk over three weekends in December:
November 30 through December 2; December 7-9; and December 14-16. The 2,000 luminarias (traditional
Mexican Christmas lanterns) will be lit starting at dusk on these nights, and you can enjoy them while having
dinner at one of the River Walk's many restaurants.

In Christmas holiday season, San Antonio River Walk is Draped With Christmas Lights and It is Dreamy as
shown by many very colorful pictures on
this website.
Fall colors on San Antonio River Walk can also be very pretty as shown on some pictures on this website.
華燈初上, 美在那初次遇見再難忘的 River Walk, 難忘的小橋流水人家。
人來人往的步道中, 熱鬧的拱橋上,一條美麗的小河貫穿了整個城市中心,兩邊是誘人的咖啡館小酒吧及餐
景盡收眼底, 讓遊人一飽眼福。
散步在 River Walk,聽淙淙泉水,恬靜,安然。
氣四溢,看了很流口水,醒胃又過癮,好好吃喔!津津有味, 吃得很過癮,大滿足, 讓人回味無窮,是
料理,不同的風格口味,看著就開胃,味道好香,香煎牛排, 香煎大西洋魚排, 剛剛煎好香噴噴的最迷

但是亞洲來的遊客要先在家裡練習會看得懂 和會欣賞 西班牙和墨西哥的美食菜單,調配的做料,和道地