2010 Orchid Show in
New York Botanical Garden
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Exotic floral displays through architectural scenes transport visitors to the romantic intrigue of Cuba. There are
thousands of orchids, vanilla orchids, miniature orchids, and other exotic varieties bloom within the tropical
backdrop. Plant life native to Cuba, which has one of the world’s highest concentrations of biodiversity, is
featured throughout the winding paths.
Thousands of orchids create a sea of tropical allure. Palm trees leads visitors to a replica of a sugar mill
covered in blooms, providing a taste of the Cuban countryside. Passing a stand of stately Cuban royal palms,
visitors come upon a replication of the Orchid atrium, a botanical garden dedicated to education and the
cultivation and conservation of Cuban orchids. It is an escape to exotic and balmy locales to revel in the
fascinating world of orchids. Feeling of being transported to a lush Palm Beach estate or into the depths of the
rain forest, .
The New York Botanical Garden is located at Bronx River Parkway (Exit 7W) and Fordham Road in Bronx,
New York, USA. Phone: (718) 817-8700. There are at least two entrance gates:

The Conservatory Gate (Main Entrance) for visitors coming by cars: The entrance gate for the Orchid Show is
at 2900 Southern Blvd. on the southwest side of the garden. The entrance gates of New York Botanical
Garden and of Forham University are facing each other and are on opposite sides of the Southern Blvd. which
is a short section of Dr Theodore Karzimiroff Blvd.  There is an on-site parking lot at the entrance gate for
visitors. This visitor parking lot is extended by a curved, long parking area along Bronx Park Rd. on inside
border of New York Botanical Garden between the Conservatory Gate and the Mosholu Gate.

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location near Conservatory Gate of New York Botanical Garden

The Mosholu Gate for visitors coming by railway train: Take the Metro-North Harlem local line to Botanical
Garden Station which is on the west side of the Garden. Then walk across Kazimiroff Boulevard to the
Garden's Mosholu Gate entrance. The train ride from Grand Central terminal to Botanical Garden Station is
about 20 minutes.

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Mosholu Gate

More detailed directions are available at the following website:

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The 2010 Orchid Show in New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) is entitled "Cuba in Flower" with Caribbean on
show. This orchid show is designed by Cuban-born, landscape architect designer Jorge Sánchez from the firm,
Sánchez & Maddux, based in Palm Beach, Florida, USA. The show features iconic sites of Old Havana and the
Cuban countryside, re-imagined to evoke the history of the island while engulfing visitors in radiant flowers. He
transformed the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory into a paradise and re-created the charm of the city of Havana,
infused with Caribbean rhythm and romance in this oasis of beauty, fragrance, and the intrigue of the tropical
island nation.

We thank our friends, Grace and Fong-Tien Lui, for their invitation to enjoy this orchid show on April 3, 2010.
They have NYBG membership to help NYBG's renowned horticulture, science, and education programs to
flourish. With their invitation, we appreciate the privilege of the free admission to enjoy the fantastic experience
of the tropical beauty of Old Havana in bloom featuring thousands of orchids and native plants in Enid A. Haupt
Conservatory in NYBG.

Thousands of colorful orchids surround visitors. It is a one-day tropical retreat, a thoughtful look at Cuba and
its flora. The designer wants to create an experience for the visitor that was dramatic, vibrant, and colorful
while introducing elements of the Cuban experience that evoke the feel and look of the landscape and the
country that the designer knows as a child.
More on Benefits of Compact Super-Zoom Cameras:

As this picture shows that Enid A. Haupt Conservatory is a very large green house with high glass dome. It
was a sunny day on April 3, 2010 and there were plenty of sun light coming in through the high glass dome.
Without using the super-zoom capability, I get pictures of large number of colorful "small" flowers as shown on
this picture above. But many of these flowers are very beautiful individually on their own. Some of these
beautiful orchids are set high on tropical trees or palm trees. The super-zoom capability of my compact
super-zoom camera (Canon PowerShot SX10 IS) enables me to zoom in to get close up picture of such
beautiful orchid individually even when it is set high on a tropical tree or on a palm tree or when it is far away
among many plants such that I cannot get close to it. The strong sunshine coming down through the high glass
dome presents many "natural" opportunities of wonderful back lighting resulting in several beautiful pictures of
orchids with back lighting as shown on this web page. I did not have to make any special arrangements of
lighting to get such beautiful effects.
繁花各爭豔, 柃前靜幽開,淺淺似含笑, 謙雅盈風采
讀萬卷書    行萬里路

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