17-Mile Scenic Drive in Pebble Beach
in California
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這個別有洞天的風景區, 17 Mile Drive 是加州一號公路的點睛之處精華所在,整條公路
沿海修建,把加州的陽光,海岸,古堡,小鎮這些最美的符號都串聯在一起, 彎彎曲曲

The stunning craggy coastline and turbulent restless sea of 17-Mile Scenic Drive.

A friend couple came from Taiwan to visit us in California. So, on September 11, 2018, we
took this friend couple to the famous 17-Mile Scenic Drive in picturesque Pebble Beach on
Monterey Peninsula in California to enjoy an enchanting world full of dramatic coastal
cliffs, snow-white beaches, mystical forests and iconic world class golf courses, to enjoy  
one of the most scenic drives in the world as we meet the inspiring Lone Cypress, to
ponder the giant cypress trees at Crocker Grove, to digest the untouched beauty at
Fanshell Beach, to behold the power of the Restless Sea at Point Joe, to stroll the
boardwalk above the beach at Spanish Bay, to watch many kinds of wildlife (sea lions,
seals, sea birds, squirrels, etc.) in action and much, much more..
大半天,這是美國加利弗尼亞州的重要地標, 這棵獨自生長在太平洋岩石上的柏樹,200

As one of California's most enduring landmark, this majestic Lone Cypress has prevailed
on this rocky pedestal overlooking Pacific Ocean for more than 250 years. It is #16 Point of
Interest on the tourist Map of 17-Mile Drive. It’s one of the most photographed trees in the
world. This iconic tree is the logo to the Monterey Peninsula what the pyramids are to
Egypt, what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris.
加州最美的黄金海岸, 陸地與海洋最佳連接處, 壯麗的海景與 可愛的野生動物,給17英里

A sample of the panoramic and picturesque beauty of 17-Mile Scenic Drive with white
sand beach. Lying on the beach with blue sky, the gentle sound of the waves hitting the
beach, feel the light ocean breeze in your face, soak in the sweet sounds of a bagpiper at
Spanish Bay serenade you at sunset.

Golfers will enjoy the scenic green setting of golf links embedded between sand dunes
with amazing ocean views.

Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of the north end (Pacific
Grove Gate) of 17-Mile Drive at the junction of Esplanade Street and Del Monte Blvd,
Pacific Grove, CA 93950.

The official tourist map of the 17-Mile Scenic Drive with marked Points of Interest (POI)
(spectacular Must-See Stops) is available at:

風光明媚的17-Mile Drive 被稱為世界上陸地、海洋、藍天的集大成者,碧海藍天,鮮花
礁石,隨處可見 松鼠, 海鳥, 海獅和海豹,以及懸崖峭壁,古老的的松柏......,構成了17
Mile Drive 海岸迷人的畫卷。

At the parking lot of Bird Rock Vista Point (POI #10), we were happily surprised to see
three very interesting squirrels begging tourists for food. The way they stand up and move
their two arms and two hands up-and-down are almost like Chinese gesture and
expression for
拜託! 拜託!(Please! Please!, Give it to me! Give it to me! or More!

Movie and Action:

The way these squirrels begging tourists for food is very cute and funny as shown in the movie I took


Many sea lions enjoying sun bathing on the Bird Rock which is #10 Point of Interest on
the tourist Map of 17-Mile Drive. The Bird Rock is about 500 feet away from the shore. I
had to zoom in using my compact super-zoom camera with 65X optical zoom to be able
see these sea lions well about 500 feet away.

Movie of Actions of sea lions and birds at Bird Rock:

This is the active hub of playground for many kinds of wildlife! In addition to those sun
bathing on the Bird Rock, many sea lions are swimming, playing in the surf and jumping
out of water (belching) near the Bird Rock as shown on the movie that I took at:


I zoomed in with my compact super-zoom camera with 65X optical zoom to be able to
enjoy watching these playful sea lions in action about 500 feet off shore. The barking sea
lions can be heard from the parking lot of Bird Rock Vista Point.
Many pelicans and cormorants on the Bird Rock.

There are 21 stops (Points of Interest, POIs) along the 17-Mile Drive.
Many pelicans and other birds are also very active flying just above the wave or bobbing
up and down floating on the waves. From November through March, keep an eye out for
the spouts and flukes of grey whales migrating between Alaska and Baja California.
明媚燦爛的加州陽光,溫暖和煦的海風,湛藍清澈的海水,清新舒暢的空氣, 海鳥齊
飛,聽海鳥在鳴叫 。

More pelicans flying higher in formation.

I took a
movie of many pelicans flying along 17-Mile Scenic Drive as shown at:

Some birds on the Seal Rock and some seals enjoying sun bathing at lower level of the
Seal Rock.

17-Mile Drive is a magical place and unforgettable experience.

The Fanshell Beach (# 13 on Tourist Map) is one of the primary pupping habitats for
Harbor Seals on the California Central Coast. Sections of the coastline are closed from
April to June to protect the young families.

Cypress Point Lookout (# 14 on Tourist Mp) offers a spectacular spot to catch sunsets,
thanks to its southwest view. The coastline just southeast of Cypress Point is known as
Sunset Point.
艇星羅棋布地停靠在波平如鏡的碼頭海面上, 碧海藍天,海水微漾,白帆點點,海鷗翱

平洋畔的藍寶石,古樸清靜, 閒適而淡然,感受慢生活的愜意,放慢脚步,细细品味,


From San Francisco Bay Area, it took about 2 hours of driving south to reach Monterey
near the 17-Mile Scenic Drive. It was about lunch time when we arrived at Monterey
harbor. So, we came to the Old Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey for lunch.

There are several nice seafood restaurants and shops on the Old Fisherman's Wharf in
Monterey with several sample seafood dishes on display in front of each seafood

There is a Municipal Wharf 1 and the Old Fisherman's Wharf 2. Most of the nice seafood
restaurants are on the Old Fisherman's Wharf 2.

The address of the Wharf Parking Lot is: 101-106 Washington St, Monterey, CA 93940

The Visitor Center at Old Fisherman's Wharf is at: 101 Washington St, Monterey, CA

The locations of Old Fisherman's Wharf and the Wharf Parking Lot for visitors are shown
in the following Google map:

Click here for interactive Google Map showing locations of Old Fisherman's Wharf
and Wharf Parking Lot.
Some restaurants provide clam chowder at the front door for tourists to sample and taste.

Many people like the clam chowder in sourdough bread bowl in Old Fisherman's Wharf.
In the deluxe version, Dungeness crab and bay shrimp are added and the bread bowl is
baked to become super crispy and crunchy and the top was garlic oil soaked. It is
Two seals were playing in the Monterey harbor.
層浪花,經常是剛上了車沒走兩步又要停車拍照,生怕漏掉一處精彩壯麗的海景 。

The churning restless sea and the waves. More than 1.5 million visitors pass through 17-
Mile Drive every year to enjoy stunning scenery and interesting wildlife in action.

The south entrance gate (Highway 1 Gate) is near Highway 1 Exit 399A, then cross Hwy
68 to get into 17-Mile Drive.
們靜靜的站在那裡,看波濤洶湧,聽海浪歡唱, 看如此開闊、雄偉、咆哮的太平洋,是

The waves are so energetic. They seemingly never stop.

Beside the ponding waves, there is the glassy waters of Stillwater Cove beneath Pebble
Beach Golf Links. It is ideal for paddleboarders and kayakers to glide between
enchanting kelp forests, cute sea otters and playful seals and dolphins. There are
anemones and crabs hanging out in the tide pools. Sometimes, whales show up here

This is not a place to drive through in a hurry. It is a place to take your time and enjoy
the magnificent views,  the nature and the striking stops.
Tunnel of giant Monterey Cypress.

Crocker Grove (#15 on Tourist Map) is home to the largest and oldest Monterey Cypress
trees in existence. It is named after Charles Crocker, the railroad baron responsible for
building the luxurious Hotel Del Monte in Monterey and the original 17-Mile Drive in 1881.

Pebble Beach contains one of only two native Monterey Cypress forests in the world.
The other is across Carmel Bay at Point Lobos State Park.
The Bird Rock (POI #10) was actually covered in 4 to 5 feet deep of pelican and
cormorant guano until 1930, when it was harvested as a fertilizer. Sea lions took
advantage of the cleaned-off perch, and have been sun-bathing there ever since.
蒼勁挺拔的松柏, 奇松怪石,一步一景,美不勝收,各種款型的超豪華大宅子,在17英里
之一,裡面有很多高級的度假旅館和餐廳 ,一幢幢精緻的別墅透露出主人的品味與奢
華,中國著名國畫大師 張大千 晚年也在這附近卡梅尔镇 (Carmel ) 住了好多年,稱其居
所為“可以居”,也創造出很多名畫, 在卡梅爾這個世外桃源般的地方,許多風格獨特的
在林間美美的睡一個午覺,醒來沿著步道漫步或騎行, 傍晚到海邊欣賞夕陽的餘暉在天

Cypress ( ) along 17-Mile scenic drive

因為17 Mile Drive 是私人發現的景區也是私人修的路,所以進入17 Mile Drive 的每輛車

Many seagulls in the air along 17-Mile scenic drive.

Since the 17 Mile Drive is a privately-built scenic road, the entrance fee for each car
entering the 17 Mile Drive is $10.25 and a tourist map is provide to illustrate the location of
each attraction with a brief introduction to the attraction. Restroom is available only at
POIs #10, #12 and #19. The $10.25 entrance fee can be refunded if the visitor spends
more than $30 in the fancy restaurants in this special area.
著名的17 英里黄金海岸公路 是加州1號公路最美的一段精華。許多時而蜿蜒、時而陡
峭、時而深邃, 時而怒吼的海面, 沿途都是美景,隨時停下來都是一部風景大片,海岸線

Rocky shore along 17-Mile scenic drive.


當每次來到17-Mile海岸, Pacific Grove 和 Monterey,心靈都為之感嘆,絕美的濱海風
光、舉世聞名的高爾夫球場、庭院深深的府邸而盛名,17-Mile 海岸, Pacific Grove 和
Monterey 我們還會再來!期待這個激動人心時刻的再一次到來!這個融合自然與人文之
公認為理想的濱海度假勝地, 蒙特雷的海域歷史也十分悠久,海洋生物具有豐富性和多
族館是北美最大的水族館之一,位於海景大道的罐頭廠街Cannery Row的南端,擁有一
Some people are enjoying kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding in the harbor.
During the summer busy season, there is a whole row of outdoor dining tables along
this fence for tourists to sit down to enjoy delicious seafood while watching busy
activities of people, sea lions, birds and harbor seals in the harbor.
Whale Watching:

Several companies offer whale watching boat tours departing from Old Fisherman's Wharf for tourists to
watch humpback, blue, gray, and killer whales plus a variety of dolphins on Monterey Bay over the deep
submarine canyon. Tours are fully narrated by marine biologists/naturalists. Some sample photos and video
can be seen on this website:


Glass Bottom Boat for fun:

There is also a 45-minute Glass Bottom Boat tour also departing from the Old Fisherman's Wharf for a tour
of Monterey Harbor, Cannery Row and a glimpse of local wildlife in the bay waters below. Tourists,
especially kids, on this Glass Bottom boat may see close up views of jellyfish, harbor seals, otters (some
with their babies), fish, live kelp forest and abalones on the bottom, birds and hundreds of sea lions on
breakwater/jetty, Big ones, small ones, sleeping ones, LOUD ones! Some sea lions may be playing with and
splashing passengers. Some sample photos of Glass Bottom Boat Tour can be seen
here. Kids love it.

Nearby Attractions at Pacific Grove:

The neighbor town of Pacific Grove is also interesting for three attractions: (1) The rocky shoreline of Pacific
Grove along Ocean View Blvd and Sunset Drive is also very beautiful as shown on my web page at:


(2) In the spring season from late April to mid-May, the pink ice-plant flowers are in full bloom in the mile-long
Perkins Park along the rocky shoreline and are fantastic as shown on my web page above, and (3) Every
winter, 20,000 to 30,000 beautiful Monarch butterflies come to winter by clustering on the branches of
eucalyptus (尤加利 樹) grove in Monarch Grove Sanctuary located at 250 Ridge Rd, Pacific Grove, California
93950. The number of Monarch butterflies in this Sanctuary usually peak from late November to early
December. It is amazing to see so many beautiful Monarch butterflies concentrated in this area as shown on
my web page at:

Zoom in on a section of the breakwater/jetty of Monterey Harbor. Many sea lions and cormorants are on this
jetty. Passengers on the Glass Bottom boat cruising the Monterey Harbor may get close up view of these sea
lions and cormorants on the jetty.
Monterey Bay is one of the most spectacular birding and wildlife venues in North America.