Giant Wind Turbine Farm near Livermore
in California
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On December 30, 2017, we were driving on Interstate Highway 580 between Livermore and Tracy in California
and saw these giant wind turbines atop the golden hillsides of Altamont Pass just east of Livermore.

These giant wind turbines are 450 feet tall and each turbine blade is 161 feet long. They are taller than the
famous giant redwood trees or giant sequoia in California.

On Friday, Feb. 7, 2015, Google signed an agreement to buy power from this modernized giant wind turbine
farm that will help provide electricity to the Googleplex office complex and the company's data centers in
Mountain View, California.
The relatively small size of cattle on the cattle ranch in this picture show the giant size of these wind turbines.
The relatively small sizes of cars and trucks on Interstate Highway 580 in this picture and the following
picture also show the giant size of these wind turbines.

These giant wind turbines are modern version and were installed starting in 2006 and 2007 time frame. Each
of these giant wind turbines can generate about 2.3 mega watts of electric power. These modern giant wind
turbines are more efficient and are installed to replace the older and smaller wind turbines which were
installed in early 1980s. The older and smaller wind turbines can generate only about 100 KW of electric
power per unit.

Before the major upgrade starting in 2006, there were nearly 6,000 smaller wind turbines in operation on
Altamont Pass.  

In the old days, many Californians have marveled at the vast array of thousands of wind turbines spinning
atop the golden hillsides along Highway 580 between Livermore and Tracy.

For every new and giant turbine installed, 23 of the older obsolete ones are removed. As a result, the total  
number of wind turbines on Altamont Pass is much smaller now with much greater distance between the new
giant wind turbines.
Zoom in by using my compact super-zoom camera, we also saw dense arrays of some older and smaller wind
turbines still operating at greater distance away from Interstate Highway 580. These may be replaced by the
modern and more efficient giant wind turbines in the future.
Aerial view in 2015 of the arrays of older and smaller wind turbine farm on Altamont Pass can be seen in the
following YouTube website:


Another large wind turbine farm in California that I may tour in the near future is the large Shiloh Wind Power
Plant on the Montezuma Hills of Solano County.
It is about 40 miles northeast of San Francisco. The nearby
cities and villages are Rio Vista, Suisun City, Montezuma, Collinsville and Birds Landing, plus Highway 12
between Rio Vista and Fairfield. This wind farm on Montezuma Hills is near the river delta area where the
mighty Sacramento River flows into the northeast parts of San Francisco Bay through Suisun Bay and San
Pablo Bay.

My previous tours of the large Tehachapi Pass Wind Farm (south east of Bakersfield) and of the large San
Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm (near Palm Springs) in southern California are described on my web pages at:

Aerial view in 2016 from a drone of the giant wind turbine farm on Altamont Pass can be seen in the following
YouTube website: