Cherry Blossom (櫻花 ) in New Jersey -
More than 4,000 Cherry Trees

Looking from bridge (on Park Drive) down to Branch Brook through pink cherry blossom
There are more than 4,000 cherry blossom trees with 17 different varieties in Branch Brook Park in
Belleville/Newark, New Jersey, USA. Usually, these cherry blossom trees are in full bloom in the second week
and the third week in April each year. Many visitors come to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossom all over the
place during the annual Cherry Blossom Festival in northern part of Branch Brook Park in Belleville. I visited
Branch Brook Park during the annual Cherry Blossom Festival at least four times in last few years to enjoy and
to take pictures of the beautiful cherry blossom as shown on this web page.
弦,引人無限的神往和遐思,情人約會的好地方 。

Young lovers here and there kissing under the beautiful cherry blossom trees add the romantic
atmosphere to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Branch Brook Park.

There are also many birds in the Branch Brook Park. Some are on the lawn catching bugs or worms to eat.
Many other birds are on the trees singing beautiful love songs to attract their mates during the spring time.
A bird in the nest on the cherry blossom tree, probably sitting on and hatching eggs.
陽光燦爛,望著這一大片金黃色充滿生機的迎春花,茂盛艷麗, 如璀

Bright yellow forsythia in full bloom along Branch Brook.

A view of the Branch Brook with flowers
An egret caught a gold fish (or a Koi) at the edge of a pond in southern part of the Branch Brook Park.
The neck of the egret becomes bigger because it is swallowing the fish
Branch Brook with cobble stones as river bed
Branch Brook Park
Location: Junction of Park Drive & Mill Street, Belleville, NJ 07109, USA
Telephone: 973-643-1611
E-Mail :

Note: Most of the cherry blossom trees are in the northern part of the Park near the Junction of Park Drive and
Mill Street in Belleville.


1.        Take Garden State Parkway North
2.        Take Exit 148 and the Exit Ramp merges into John F. Kennedy Drive N
3.        Proceed on John F. Kennedy Drive N for about 1 mile
4.        Turn right into Montgomery St. East
5.        Proceed on Montgomery St. East for approximately 0.8 mile
6.       Turn right into Mill St. and go southeast for about 0.8 mile
7.        Arrive at the Junction of Mill St. and Park Dr. which is the northeast part of the Branch Brook Park
8.        Park your car along Mill St. or Park Drive. Get off your car and hike west along Mill St. or Park Drive to
enjoy the blooming cherry blossoms.

Note: Branch Brook Park is about 4 mile long from southern end in Newark to northern end in Belleville. Those
4,000 cherry blossom trees are in the northern part near Mill St. in Belleville If you arrive at the southern part of
the park in Newark, you may NOT see any cherry blossoms. It is important to drive to northern part of the park
in Belleville to see and to enjoy all those beautiful cherry blossoms.

Map: Click here to see interactive Google Map showing northern part of Branch Brook Park

Detailed Park Map of Branch Brook Park is available at the following website:

Cherry Hill in southwestern New Jersey also has about 3,500 cherry blossom trees on the 2-mile section of
Chapel Avenue between Haddonfield Road and Kings Highway. It is very beautiful when these cherry blossom
trees are blooming in the spring season as shown in the following websites:



Many pictures of blooming cherry blossom in Cherry Hill can be seen at:


There are also about 1,000 cherry blossom trees in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When these
thousand of cherry blossom trees plus several other kinds of flowers are blooming in the Spring season,
Fairmount Park is also very beautiful as shown on my Travelogue web page at:


In addition to Branch Brook Park, the Presby Memorial Iris Gardens and the Chinese Scholar's Gardens in the
New York Metropolitan area and
Longwood Gardens near Philadelphia are also very beautiful. Please see the
following web pages on these gardens:
After seeing the beautiful flowers in these parks and gardens in the Spring season, please also enjoy the
beautiful Autumn foliage in Garden State (New Jersey) in the following web pages:

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八方都是櫻花,那是一種難以形容的心靈的悸動, 彷若人間仙境。
群櫻盛開的景致頗有空靈之美,櫻花飛舞 ,芳草鮮美,新綠片片,相
沿途櫻花夾道成林,花開花落,落英繽紛,落了一地的花瓣, 且行且
揮別這一年燦爛的櫻花節, 期待花前樹下再重逢的悸動。
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